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Deciding on a wedding cake can be a complex decision for both the baker and the bride. The easiest way to solve the dilemma is to have a variety of cakes in appealing designs in a single magazine so that inspiration is close at hand for both parties.

Some time ago Kerry and I reminisced that it was a shame that there was no American based magazine available showcasing local talent and yet there were various foreign volumes circulating overseas. When I called Kerry to tell her I had decided to take the plunge and publish, she said: ”how wonderful, it is something I have always dreamed about doing, so let's get started”.

There is so much creative energy in the cake-decorating world that it seemed natural to want to try and capture some of it. To that end we started collecting artwork from some of the best in the country. We truly hope you will treasure this magazine and that it will become an asset and a trendsetter within the baking industry and the bridal market

I am also very grateful for the support, interest and encouragement of our advertisers. Because of their generous contributions, cake enthusiasts, without borders, will reap huge benefits from this magazine.

A thousand thanks to my good friend Eileen Walker who has always been there when I needed to bounce ideas around, and who gave me the motivation and courage to go ahead.

Last, but not least, my very special thanks to Kerry Vincent, without her support and experience this magazine would not have been published.

Thank you for purchasing this first edition. I hope that you, too, will enjoy admiring this collection of beautiful and unique designs.

Please e-mail any ideas or comments that you may have to and we will respond in a timely manner.

Best regards,
Daniel Budiman




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